Natural Herbal Extract

Benefits of healthy immune systems of DANMAX CORDYCEPS:

-Boot energy and release stress.

-Enhance Cardiovascular Health.

-Enhance health tonic and balance cholesterol.

-Promotes vitality and endurance.

-Support sexual health for men and women.

-Anti-aging properties.

-Support kidney health.

Danmax Cordyceps has long been revered in traditional tonics.  Each serving delivers 750mg of Cordyceps sinesis helps promote a healthy immune support, help reduce the negative effects of aging.  Boost energy, Enhance Cardiovascular Health, Improve Anxiety, Improve Cognitive Function, and sexual health.



Để trỡ thành nhà phân phối cho công ty DANMAX  xin liên hệ:

Address: DANMAX

3015 Westcott Ave

Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Tel: (626) 272-9086   Mike



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